Lecture and Film

“The Year’s Best Dance—1982. Debra McCall’s reconstruction of Oskar Schlemmer’s ‘Bauhaus Dances,’ because it was so well done, was another revelation.”

The New York Times

A 16mm film, “The 1920s Bauhaus Dances of Oskar Schlemmer” reconstructed by Debra McCall, directed by Robert Leacock and Debra McCall, and produced by Mary Salter and Debra McCall, was completed in 1986. It premiered at New York’s Goethe House in 1987 and was featured in American Dance Festival’s First International Festival of Film and Video Dance. It presently resides at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, New York, New York.

Lecture and Film Screening

A narrative within a narrative, McCall presents her research throughout West and East Germany and the fortuitous, occasionally harrowing events that led to the premiere of her reconstructions. The talk includes history of the Bauhaus, its philosophy, and McCall’s collaboration with some of the last surviving Bauhauslers. This is followed by a screening of the film of the reconstructions.

For information on booking the lecture and film screening or purchasing a copy of the Bauhaus Dances film, please contact:  bauhausdances@gmail.com

Film © Debra McCall 1986